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Welcome to Re-Source Institute GmbH

Welcome to Re-Source Institute GmbH


Our clients in the Luxury Retreat get a private time out in our luxury and private residence, a 5* star hotel or at home.

Our Privacy Policy
We ensure you 100% confidentiality and privacy throughout the treatment and beyond.

We support every client with an open mind on his / her individual journey, provide them with expert tools and enable them to reconnect with their resources and find their optimal self again.

Your Value
Every client is treated in his/her home, a luxury residence or a 5* Hotel. A 24/7 residential coach will be provided for the whole term of the stay, as well as a dedicated team of experts.

Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth-retreats include the partner.

Upon request the whole family may join the luxury retreat.

Our interdisciplinary expert team is trained in Functional Medicine.

We are keen to see you back on your healthy track. 

The first step is to get a comprehensive expert health assessment, following which your health expert will present you with your tailored treatment plan.

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Premium Health Services with online Experts in multiple languages and time zones

The Re-Source Online Experts

Start your Source Medicine online journey from anywhere and yet at any time.

Re-Source has handpicked all its experts worldwide ensuring the highest quality and excellence for you.

Our experts have all over 15 years of practice experience and work as a global team.

The Re-Source Online Service offers 2 options:

  1. Book a First Expert Assessment according to your medical needs. Following the assessment a tailored exclusive treatment plan will be forthcoming.

  2. Book a single One-on-One session with one of our experts.

I experienced a great support during my pregnancy with hypothyroidism. The commitment and knowledge on functional and complementary medicine helped me to have a healthy baby at the end of the most beautiful journey of my life.  Thank you!

After only 3 sessions I experienced dramatic changes and for the first time in many years a painless period. I found that Edna is very competent in many areas that complement her practice.

-- Sarah, 34

After long suffering, intolerances, lack of energy and depression, I feel taken seriously for the first time.  The CleanYourGene package from Edna has worked well, making me feel better both physically and mentally. 

Thank you!

-- P.W. 36

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