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On Behalf of Natural Childbirth

On behalf of natural childbirth

Re-Source Institute, Zurich

Unlike most mammals who are able short after they are born to walk around their mothers and find their nipples, humans seem to be born, and needs long time to be able to walk and look after themselves.

The reason is probably because we are walking on two legs, therefore we need a narrow pelvis, and as Homo Sapiens’ we have a big had. The combination of both makes delivery difficult but it also explains why we are born pre-mature as evolution dictated that mothers and babies whose pregnancies lasted longer than nine months did not survive.

The natural birth starts when the baby sends signal to his mother’s hypophysis indicating that he is mature to be born. This mobilised the natural process of the delivery.

Natural childbirth therefore is a process which has been developed in many thousands of years based on nature trial and errors. It includes pressure on the head which is designed in a way that enable to pass the birth canal without damage, pressure on the breast and the bacterial contamination in the birth canal which is of utmost importance as recently its was described. The bacterial contamination will design many of the newborn future characteristics.

Needless to say, how important the birth process is to the well-being of the newborn as well as of the mother and partner.

Recently more and more cesarean sections are been done. Eighty years ago, the cesarean rate was about 3-4%, now it is much higher, in some hospitals even higher then 30-40%. Certainly, some cesarean sections are indeed needed and well indicated, where risk to the mother or newborn exists, however these days many operations are done for no real reason and need, some even on request of the parturient or the recommendation of the obstetrician. We do not know yet how cesareans done generation after generation might influence our future evolution.

When birth happens through cesarean section all the related positive aspects of the natural childbirth are missing. Recently there are also claims that adverse effects concerning the future health of the newborn, even mental aspects and future health adverse effects might happen. Needless to say that like any surgical intervention anesthetically as well as surgical complication might happen.

There is no valid alternative to the natural birth whenever the mother is categorized to be in a low-risk. It is recommended that any expecting mother should visit a delivery preparation course, being informed, learn the natural process and preferred positions and whenever possible the partner should join, as he is expected to be present, assist and share the amazing birth process.

Cesarean sections should certainly be available whenever a medical indication exists, and if done they should be performed using an evidence-based method which is promoted by our Re-Source institute.


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